International BANANA Conference

Name and Name-Giving: What names tell us about social realities

On the 8th and 9th
February 2016 the first international conference about Babylonian Name and Name-Giving has been held at the Leuven University (KU) Leuven. This meeting, which is envisaged to be the first one in a row, has
been organised by prof. dr. Kathleen Abraham and dr. Melanie Groß (KU Leuven) with the
intention to bring together an international group of Babylonian scholars and
discuss in a diachronic view current research about linguistic and especially socio-cultural
aspects of names which survived by the thousands on cuneiform tablets from
southern Iraq.

The conference hosted
well-established scholars and promising young researchers in the field of
Babylonian studies alike. While the majority came from all different parts of
Europe, it has also been possible to welcome colleagues from Israel. Moreover,
lectures have been given by members of the Greater
Mesopotamia Research Project
(Anne Goddeeris, Melanie Groß, Jan Tavernier).
In the context of this international meeting about 15 well-prepared and
inspiring papers have been presented. While the majority dealt with names and
name-giving in Babylonia of the 1st millennium BCE, the participants
could also learn about this matter from the perspective of the Old Babylonian
material as well as of Babylonia’s neighbours Assyria and Persia.

While plans for future meetings
are soon to be developed, we are currently organising the Proceedings of this