The IAP “Greater Mesopotamia” focuses on a study
area today troubled by civil wars and far stretching disorder. It’s researchers
do not want to ignore this agonizing reality. Within this research network evolutions
and revolutions that took place thousands of years ago are being studied and
explained. Therefore, as heritage sites all over the Middle East are now endangered
and mutilated, more as ever before, members of this IAP take and participate in
initiatives that try to find solutions for this new reality:

Wat met het erfgoed in Syrië en Irak?
(Royal Museums of Art and History – 25/11/2015)
Together with colleagues Klaas Vansteenhuyse, Louis Hulstaert & Jan Van
Reeth, Hendrik Hameeuw (RMAH – KU Leuven) will focus during this charity
event on the abilities offered by registration, recording, documentation and imaging
technologies to reconstruct heritage sites and objects lost over
the last few years in Syria and Iraq. This event was
initiated by ‘Amarant’ and supported by the RMAH. For the programme see

Bel temple in Palmyra (destroyed August 2015)

Journée d’étude Patrimoines en

(Musée royal de Mariemont – 27/11/15)

This study day focuses on the recent destructions of
heritage in the Near East and Egypt. One of the lectures by Jan Tavernier and Elynn Gorris (both UCLouvain) will
deal on Le patrimoine culturel dans les zones de guerre dans l’antiquité et
. The full programme can be found on

North-West palace at Nimrud (destroyed March 2015)

Digital Strategies for Heritage – DISH
(De Doelen, Rotterdam – 8/12/2015)

On the second day of the DISH2015 conference Hendrik Hameeuw
(RMAH – KU Leuven) and Daniel Pletinckx (director Visual Dimension bvba) will
organize a Table Session on the concept of lost heritage, “What to do if
heritage gets lost”. See

Timbuktu library (mutilated January 2013)

>>> Concerning the (virtual) reconstruction of damaged
or destroyed heritage in Syria and Iraq, Eric Gubel and Hendrik Hameeuw gave a
short interview for the Belgian television (in Flemish):

>>> Concerning the destructions in Syria an article in which GMREH researcher Joachim Bretschneider (KU Leuven) is interviewed has been published in October 2013 in the Flemish Ex Situ journal on archaeology.

>>> On the threatened heritage in Syria an opinion was posted on the KU Leuven Blog by GMREH researcher Hendrik Hameeuw (RMAH-KU Leuven) in january 2014.

>>> GMREH coordinator Eric Gubel (RMAH) wrote an in memoriam for Khaled al al-Asa’ad (Director of Antiquities at Palmyra) in the Flemish Ex Situ journal on archaeology in October 2015, see doc. below.