2nd Susa and Elam
conference: History, Language, Religion and Culture

From 6 to 9 July 2015, an
international conference took place at the Université catholique de Louvain
(UCL). The conference was organised by Jan Tavernier, Elynn Gorris (Université
catholique de Louvain) and Katrien De Graef (Universiteit Gent) had as main
intention to bring together resarchers on Susa and Elam to discuss the ongoing
research on this area in actual Southwest Iran.

Scholars from all over the world
(Iran, Europe, USA, Australia, Japan) gathered to present their research in
about 30 lectures. As such, one can believe that the conference was a success,
both on the scientific and social level. Also various partners of the IAP
project (Elynn Gorris, Jan Tavenier, Alexandre Tourovets, Rindert Janssens,
Frieda Bogemans and Cecile Baeteman) gave a lecture.

The Proceedings will be published
as a volume in the prestigious MDP series (Mémoire de la Délégation en perse).