the 16th of January, some members of the KU Leuven team have transformed the
New Year’s drink of the faculty into a fundraising event to support SOS
Syrian Children
, a Belgian organization which brings medical and
educational material to the refugee camps in the surroundings of Aleppo.

Goddeeris, Greta Jans, Joachim Bretschneider and Anne-Sophie Van Vyve have
asked the dean, Luc Draye, to cancel the order for snacks and have called on
their colleagues of the faculty to prepare their own delicacies, which resulted
in a 15 meter long buffet of exquisite appetizers. This was even adequate to
attract some very important people of the University like (former)
(vice-)rectors: Prof. Rik Torfs, Prof. Danny Pieters, Prof. André
Oosterlinck en Prof. Marc Vervenne. An impression of the event can be
seen on the facebook page of the arts faculty (https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.756031077758407.1073741829.494542187240632&type=1).

guests at the drink enthusiastically supported the initiative, with culinary
masterpieces as well as financially. At the end the money box contained 1722
euro! And yesterday, we have rounded the cape of €2000! Thanks to our KU Leuven
Letteren colleagues! Additional
contributions may still increase the amount of money which we offer to Suzy
Bochi and her team who are transporting
wheelchairs, school books, powdered milk, hospital beds and other scarcities
over the Syrian border through Turkey (https://nl-nl.facebook.com/SOSSyrianChildren).