From June
30th until July 13th, Dr. Anne Goddeeris studied a number
of cuneiform tablets in the University Museum of the University of
Pennsylvania. The research stay took place in the framework of Work Package V,
“History and Chronology” (supported via WP VI) of the Greater Mesopotamia IAP and was additionally financed by the FWO-Vlaanderen.

In the museum,
she studied legal and administrative texts from Nippur, the religious capital
of Babylonia, dating from 1900-1700 BC. These archives, excavated by the
Babylonian Expedition at the end of the 19th century, are dispersed
over three collections, now kept in Istanbul (Turkey), Jena (Germany) and Philadelphia (US). The texts
in Philadelphia have been collated, situated in their archival context and
recorded with the Portable Light Dome system.

CBS 1354