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Greater Mesopotamia

CDLI on tour in Brussels

Activities Posted on Mon, June 17, 2013 15:23:10

17 – 21 June 2013. CDLI -one of the international partners in the IAP 7/14: Greater Mesopotamia- scans a large portion of the cuneiform documents housed at the Royal Museums of Art and History and the National Bank of Belgium, both located in Brussels.
This work for the CDLI database is conducted by Laura Hawkins of the University of Oxford. The collaboration aims at the continuation of the efforts to digitally safeguard these images and making qualitative scanned images quickly available to the scientific community and to the broad public.

Laura Hawkins scanning @ RMAH

These scanning sessions were made possible thanks to Robert Englund (UCLA), Bertrand Lafont (Paris), Jacob Dahl (Oxford), Eric Gubel (RMAH) and Marianne Danneel (Museum of the National Bank of Belgium).

Demo and trial imaging @ UCL

Activities Posted on Mon, June 17, 2013 08:36:44

the 13th of June 2013 a demo and trial session was organized at the Musée de
Louvain-la-Neuve in regard to the imaging efforts of Mesopotamian heritage conducted by the IAP network
(work package VI). IAP-partner UCLouvain keeps at their museum a small
collection of a few dozen of cuneiform texts and some stamp & cylinder seals. This
first visit with the Portable Light Dome (PLD) to the museum was organised to
inspect the to image material and to demonstrate to the museum curator,
photographer, employees and UCL researchers the potential the PLD technique. As
such, we settled a complete week of recordings, scheduled for November 2013. In
addition, not only cuneiform documents and seals will be scanned, but we plan
to test the use of the PLD-technique on selected series of other epigraphic and
archaeological objects safeguarded at the Musée de Louvain-la-Neuve.

sincerely thank Emmanuelle Druart, Etienne Duyckaerts and Jan Tavernier for
organizing this trial.