Master Thesis on new developments with the Portable Light Dome (Minidome)

Since a few months Groep T (Association KU Leuven) student Vincent Vanweddingen works on the development of an online application to allow visualization of the Portable Light Dome results. He posts his progress and steps in a blog and has uploaded some images and video’s on this new online viewer.

This IAP 7/14: WP VI, collaborates with Vincent’s work and provides him with the necessary feedback and comments. Since March 2013 several members of our IAP are running and testing the beta version(s) he has developed.

As many members of this IAP network are pioneering and using the Portable Light Dome extensively for their on-going research, this new approach will allow our researcher to share the material they work than ever before. Secondly, it will give new possibilities in making the university and museum collections (within the IAP network and beyond) on Mesopotamian Heritage available for both the scientific as well as the broad public.

Vincent’s blog: